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In addition to my 1:1 coaching, I offer group mindfulness training to businesses and schools. Recent studies and applications are showing that practicing mindfulness at work and at school can help reduce stress, promote teamwork, increase creativity and concentration, and help build resiliency to respond to difficult situations and/or decisions. 

See below my offerings for group mindfulness trainings. Sessions can be held virtually or in person depending on location.

Group Mindfulness Training

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Corporate Mindfulness Training

Corporate mindfulness training enables employees to make effective decisions, stay calm under pressure and learn to think outside the box!


In my corporate mindfulness training sessions, employees learn techniques to:

  • Reduce anxiety, stress and tension

  • Adapt to constant changes

  • Accomplish goals in an efficient, focused and productive manner

  • Increase creativity and ability to innovate beyond self-imposing limits

  • Listen mindfully with attending skills and reflective responses

  • Work confidently with coworkers and managers 

  • Handle feedback and respond in a conducive manner

  • Bounce back from adversity, conflict or failure

  • Gain health and wellness benefits


I offer both introductory and multi-week corporate mindfulness training sessions. Each option is designed around your company’s specific needs and goals.

Introduction to Corporate Mindfulness - $595

A 90 minute introductory session in mindfulness practices including meditations, breath-work and affirmations . Learn what mindfulness meditation is, the science behind it and how to practice.

Multi-week Corporate Mindfulness - $400/week

A sampling of different techniques that offer the ability to establish lifelong mindfulness at both work and home. The typical time-frame to establish a regular mindfulness routine is 6-8 weeks. Therefore, I offer a mindfulness training over a period of several weeks that is also fits your specific group requirements. 


I offer both introductory and multi-week mindful educator training sessions. Each option is designed around your school’s specific needs and goals. Price is determined based on budget requirements. 

Mindful Educators

Unfortunately, among all the incredible work teachers perform, it is known that teachers commonly deal with burnout, depression, emotional exhaustion, sleep problems and stress.

Thankfully, practicing mindfulness can help teachers and faculty develop the skill of paying attention in the present moment so they are able to see what’s truly happening in classrooms and with students.


In my mindfulness training sessions educators learn techniques to:

  • Prevent burnout and increase workplace satisfaction

  • Promote a calm yet lively classroom environment that children need to learn

  • Be attuned to how physical learning spaces are impacting the ability to learn

  • Increase class performance by learning how to manage stress and time

  • Improve communication with students so they pay attention to lessons, respond to directions, and behave appropriately

  • Decrease disruptions in the classroom by giving students simple and basic tools so they can learn how to self-regulate

  • Strengthen engagement with parents

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