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What Are Wellness Goals?

A big part of my Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching is co-creating "wellness goals" that help you achieve the changes you would like to make in your life.

You might be wondering what exactly are "wellness goals"?

Well, in my definition "wellness goals" are any goal related to your overall health and wellness.

This can include:

  • Practice more self-care

  • Practice more mindfulness/meditation

  • Exercise/move more

  • Build a healthier relationship around food

  • Sleep Better

  • Increase energy/motivation

  • Create a healthier/more positive body image

  • Increase self-awareness/self-love

  • Stabilize mood/regulate emotions

  • Quit unhealthy habits and addictions

  • Increase a sense of joy and purpose in life!

"Wellness goals" are any goal related to your overall health and wellness.

You might be thinking that you can relate to a lot of goals, and you are not alone!

Investing in our own health and wellness is a vital piece of our happiness and contentment in life. If we neglect to take care of ourselves and keep ourselves accountable on our "wellness goals" we can slowly slip into un-healthy habits and routines and feel negative or stuck in life.

Keeping ourselves accountable can sometimes be really difficult on your own. And that's where I come in!

As a coach I can help you create goals around your health and wellness interests and also show you different techniques around mindfulness, self-care, and tools on building healthy habits.

You are not alone!

The greatest thing to know is that you are not alone, there is support all around you, and you have all the answers within you!

As a coach I am simply guide to help open your inner wisdom and intuition and create the space to help you keep accountable on your goals and make new healthy habits stick.

If you have been feeling like you need to make changes in your life but unsure how to get there I CAN HELP!

To view my services click here for my 1:1 Coaching Packages.

All the best to your on your healing journey,


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