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How to Mindfully Navigate Through the Moon Phases and Stay In-tune With Your Goals

The moon (Luna) is a feminine symbol. Representing wisdom and intuition and the rhythm of time as it embodies the cycle. Just as her magnetic pull affects the ocean's tides, her different phases affect our mind, body and spirit as our bodies are made of 60% water.

If we can tune into her cyclic nature we can tune into our own innate intuition and begin to listen and understand how to navigate through the cycles of life and achieve our goals.

The moon (Luna) is a feminine symbol. Representing wisdom and intuition and the rhythm of time as it embodies the cycle.

Tuning into the Moon Phases:

In her 29.5 day cycle, Luna invites us to dive into new beginnings and move through our goals by setting intentions, creating action plans, and then releasing what no longer serves us, leaving room to always evolve and flow through life's cycles.

Below is a guide to the moon's phases and how to mindfully navigate through them and optimize your personal growth.

New Moon

At the beginning of the lunar cycle, when the moon is between the earth and sun, the new moon is our time to turn inward and listen to what our intuition wants us to take on next.

This is our Sacred Dreamer Phase. We can look at this phase like a blank slate where we can start a new project, revamp a current one or try something completely new that we are being called to do!

This is the chance to listen to our desires and honor them by taking a moment to write them down and make them into a reality.

Action: To harness the energy of a new moon it is helpful to take some time to yourself to sit down and meditate and journal what your intuition is calling you to do.

Journal Prompts:

  • How am I feeling right now?

  • What ideas/thoughts have been floating through my head?

  • How can I nourish myself (mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually)?

  • What is one goal I want to focus on for the next month (28 days)?

  • What action steps can I take towards this goal?

  • How will I feel once I reach this goal?

  • Why will I feel that way?

Meditation Tips: To quiet the rambling mind and awaken your intuition, first find a quiet space you can rest in for a few minutes. Find a comfortable posture where you spine can be long and your sit bones are grounded. And then you can close your eyes or look down with a soft gaze and consciously slow down your breath for 10 breaths. Following each inhale and each exhale. After this, let your breath come back to a natural rhythm and then close your eyes and tune into your intention. Choose a focal point of either your heart or third eye, breathe into that place and let your intuition speak to you.

Waxing Crescent Moon

Now that you have set your intention the waxing crescent moon is an opportune time to focus on the details so you can implement your goal.

In this phase the moon is "waxing" out of being a new moon and is gaining her first light. This is the Graceful Warrior Phase where you can gain fresh momentum on your goal and use that energy to carry forth action steps.

Action: This phase is all about the details. During the new moon we took the time to listen to our intuition and set our intentions. Now as we look back through the journal prompts we can get a more detailed idea of how we want to fulfill that intention.

Journal Prompt: Hone in on one intention and ask yourself, what are three action steps I can take to get me closer to this goal?

Meditation Tip: In this phase it is important to ground. In order to feel more grounded in your intention and the actions you want to take. Find that quiet space and comfortable seated position and being to close your eyes and focus on your breath. Once you are settled. Begin to imagine a seed in your hand, this seed is your intention. You then plant that seed in fertile earth where it can safely grow and flourish. You can then imagine roots growing from this seed into the earth creating a strong foundation. You and your intention and now free to grow and take on the world!

First Quarter Moon

Naturally as your intention grows and evolves you will come up across challenges or "perceived" obstacles.

When the moon is exactly half illuminated, it is time for decision making. As we continue through the Graceful Warrior Phase it is important to nourish and nurture yourself so you can operate at your fullest and be clear on how to move forward and not burnout.

Action: In this phase is it important to stay grounded and remember why you set this intention. You can go back to your first journal prompts on how you will feel once you've reached this goal to remind yourself why it is important to you and the drive behind your intention.

Journal Prompt: What are things I do that fill my cup and what helps me stay focused on what I want to achieve?

Meditation Tip: In order to keep stability and commitment it is helpful to visualize yourself achieving your goal. After you've done the first steps of quieting the mind and focusing on your breath, you can begin to picture yourself achieving your goal. You can start from imagining how you would feel, what you would look like and what surrounds you. Allow this image to fill your mind, extending into your heart space, and then radiating all the way through your body into your aura to where your entire being becomes this imagine! You can always return back to this image and feeling you have created when you have doubt or are feeling overwhelmed and know that if you can think it, you can be it. Just trust the process.

Waxing Gibbous Moon

At this phase you may feel like you have too much going on and may be losing focus. As the full moon phase is near this is a great time to refine and refocus so you can prepare for your intention to take flight!

Action: By now you have probably been checking a lot off your to do list. In this phase something you can check off is taking time for self-care. Whether that is taking a bath, going on a long walk, crafting, or getting some quality friend time, take a moment to step back and reap in all the hard work you have been doing.

Journal Prompt: When do I feel most happy? What are ways I can take care of myself to ensure I maintain that happiness?

Meditation Tip: In this phase and any phase, it is helpful to practice gratitude! When manifesting it is important to come from an open and grateful heart that allows abundance to rush in! To practice gratitude after you quiet your mind and focus on calming your breath, you can bring your awareness to your heart space and think of all the thing in your life you are grateful for! This can even include the more challenging things in your life as those are our greatest teachers.

Full Moon

The full moon phase is chalk full of energy and richness! This is the Lover/Mother Phase, a time to celebrate, cleanse and release.

Full moons are all often a heavy emotionally charged time as we are reaching a peak in our goal and may be seeing how it is shifting, evolving and/or coming to a culmination. This is the time to check in to see how you may be feeling stuck and what you want to release in order to make room for your intention to continue to grow and to stay true to your path.

Action: This is a great time to gather with friends and ceremoniously dance, celebrate, release excess energy, and then hold space for each other to check in with what is no longer serving you so you can move forward with a clear mind, body and spirit. You can also do this practice on your own!

Journal Prompt: As I continue to move closer to my goal, what can I release that is no longer serving me (thoughts, emotions, self-limiting beliefs, behaviors, etc.)?

Meditation Tip: This phase is all about cleansing and releasing. To give your mind, body, and spirit and good re-set you can to a cleansing ritual. There are many ways to cleanse, you can simply take a nice warm bath, light some candles and soak in soothing essential oils. You can also smudge your room, house and your body with sage or palo santo to clear your energetic body. Finally, there are different rituals you can do for the full and new moons in order to cleanse you space and call in want you want! For ritual tips and weekly horoscopes you can follow Chani Nicolas and download her incredible app, The CHANI App.

Waning Gibbous Moon

Now that the celebrations of the full moon have settled this is the time to move forward with what is working and share what you have learned.

Action: The waning gibbous phase is a great time to share what you have learned with your friends, community, loved ones and the world! Now that you have set your intention, followed action steps and released what is no longer serving you, you can now share your process!

Journal Prompt: What have I learned in this cycle so far and what would I want to share about my process so far with others?

Meditation Tip: This phase is a great time to practice loving-kindness meditation. In this meditation once you have found a calm and quiet space, you can bring you awareness to your heart space, maybe even placing a hand on your heart and then start by thinking loving and kind thoughts to yourself and then extending those loving and kind thoughts to others. You can think of your significant other, friends and family, your community, and even the world, showering everyone in love!

Last Quarter Moon

Just as in the first quarter moon, the last quarter is a time of decision making. But now is the time to make any adjustments to the original goal. The big thing to remember here is that everything is a process and allowing time to evolve and transform your intention is the key to making the magic happen!

Action: Now is the time to create space. As you continue to check your to dos off the list, allow yourself to edit those to dos and make sure you feel the space to enjoy the process and not be stuck on one certain outcome.

Journal Prompt: What unexpected blessings have occurred in this cycle that I am grateful for?

Meditation Tip: This phase is all about being present and trusting the process. In order to settle the anxious mind we can connect to our breath and return to the present moment. To practice this once you have found a quiet space and a comfortable seated position. You can then close your eyes or look down with a soft gaze and bring your awareness to your breath. As you bring your awareness here, you can begin to follow each inhale and each exhale. Your breath is you anchor to the present. If you can follow your breath, take a nice inhale, holding at the top and then taking a big deep exhale you can relax your nervous system and allow your mind and body to unwind.

Waning Crescent Moon

As we reach the final phase in the cycle it is all about surrender. Surrender like vulnerability is a strength that allows the magic of things we may be holding back to flourish and take on a new life!

This is the Wild Woman phase! The phase where we continue to release and express ourselves through our thoughts and actions.

It is also important to not overthink in this phase and instead trust in the process and lead with the simplest answer. When we surrender the outcome to the universe, we allow all the magic to unfold. Although intentions and actions are a major part of manifesting there then comes the time to let your palm open and give that energy to the universe so the energy can come back to you.

Action: Continue to practice self-care. Continue to do things that help you release. Take baths, eat healthy food, drink lots of water, dance, move, draw and journal! And as you release what is no longer serving you, continue to picture, imagine and feel what it feels like to have the goal you set be achieved and let that feeling guide you closer to the life you want to live.

Journal Prompt: What can I confidently let go of that will serve me better tomorrow?

Meditation Tip: In the waxing crescent phase we visualized ourselves grounding, in this phase we can now visualize our branches and limbs growing and extending into the sky where we are free to express and share our gifts with the word! You can also visualize your goal taking flight and allowing the winds of change to carry your intention forward and to unfold naturally.


In summary, life moves in cycles. Everything exists in a constant state of transition. For that reason and more, Luna is a great guide to help us stay in-tune with the cycles of change. Sometimes we are shining our brightest and feel like we can take on anything and sometimes we need to rest in the darkness to refill our cups. Either way it us up to us to navigate our way through the transitions and find balance.

Love and Light,


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