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An 8-day mindfulness workshop for goddesses (of all identifications) focusing on reclaiming your self-love and self-worth by opening and cleansing the chakras and rewriting your inner stories.


Workshop Postponed!

Reclaiming Self-Love

through the Charkas 

Do you feel blocked from living in your fullest and most authentic self?

Do you struggle feeling safe to freely express yourself and your

gifts to the world?

Do you want to heal parts of your past that seem to block you from moving forward and trusting life?

Do you want to deepen your self-care practice but are unsure of

how to do so? 

Do you want to awaken your intuition so you can act and respond to life clearly and have a clarity on your purpose in life?

Do you want to learn how to meditate but know how to start?

This workshop series is designed to help you answer ALL these questions and gain the confidence and clarity you’ve been desiring to live in your most authentic self and make your dreams and visions a reality!




What the Workshop Includes: 

  • A private Facebook group - active during the 8-days and 3-weeks after for your reference, recordings of sessions if you are unable to attend live ones, and to build a community of sharing experiences and questions 

  • Each session will include - details about the chakra, how it can be blocked or overactive, techniques on how to heal and open the chakra, a guided meditation, an activity and journal prompts to help give guidance and insight into your personal healing journey

Get notified for new workshop dates! 

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